The Eye of the Artist

– Unknown Stories –

More than 4,000 miles, twenty-two cities, ten great masters and three months. Starting from South of France, I’ve travelled in search of places, food, people and colors that inspired the works of artists like Cezanne, Van Gogh, Goya, Dalì and many more, visiting their cities and rebuilding anecdotes of their lives. I went over the places where they have walked, lived and created, tracing their history through the people who knew them, close relatives, or just locals who were able to pass their adventures by word of mouth. I have then decided to conclude this research with a series entitled The Eye of the Artist: Unknown Stories, to tell their surprising, funny and unthinkable tales through ten new shots seen from the artists’ point of view, allowing us to witness with their own eyes as if we could record that particular moment with one single snap. 
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