Niche of Wonders

– Rockstars Wunderkammer –

“Before there were museums, there were wunderkammer—cabinets of curiosity—glass and wood vitrines that, starting in the Renaissance, housed rare, valuable and historical objects which had been accumulated by someone important and were displayed for entertainment and edification. More than favorite knickknacks, these personal collections were intended to reveal something about how their owner saw the world. The idea lives on in Dan Bannino’s series, “Niche of Wonders–Rockstars’ Wunderkammer,” for which the Italian-born photographer imagined cabinets of curiosity for musicians ranging from Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift. Set like statuary in an arched wall niche, each of Bannino’s still lifes features a collection of objects associated with a musician.”
-Rebecca Robertson- P.D.N.
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