Poetic Dogs

-Dogs as cool as famous writers-

When I adopted my dog Rothko, in 2014, my life completely changed. Rothko came from a difficult situation, found in terrible conditions in  southern Italy and sent to a small kennel near Turin, where I met him. With him, I became aware of how many dogs are in the same condition all around the world and how a single adoption could change their lives and help supporting the situation in a dog shelter.
Living with Rothko I’ve realised how dogs are sometimes similar to writers: speaking through their expressions, sounds and movements, they’re telling you everything while saying nothing, just like an author would do with their words in a fine poem. My new best friend and his love served as motivation for starting my series called Poetic Dogs.  The project has gained international recognition just in a few months and has been published internationally in a variety of magazines and online platforms such as The Times, Mashable, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, and many more.
You can find out more about our Poetic Dogs on the interview appeared on DW-Tv Euromaxx.
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