Neon Vanitas

Last meals of the Famous

Inspired by the last meal consumed by celebrities and historical personalities, following a style that resembles Dutch Golden age’s vanitas compositions, clashing with a distinctive saturated lights ensemble. The decorative abundance and the precariousness of life are represented by the stories contained in the series, as relevant today as they were in the Seventeenth century, contrasting and thus linking two distant epochs, but with much more in common than one can imagine.

"Each still tells a story of Death and glory, morality and Immortality"

Jesus Christ

Cause of death: Crucifixion
Last Meal:
- Unleavened bread - Charoset - Lamb - Wine

Napoleon Bonaparte

Cause of death: Stomach ulcer
Last Meal: - Garlic bread with tomatoes - SautÈed kidneys in sherry - Liver and bacon - Shirred eggs

Marilyn Monroe

Cause of death: Barbiturate overdose
Last Meal: - Stuffed mushrooms - Meatballs - Champagne

Jim Morrison

Cause of death: Heart failure
Last Meal: - Chinese take-out - Whiskey - Beer

Elvis Presley

Cause of death: Heart attack
Last Meal: - Four scoops of vanilla ice cream - Six chocolate chip cookies

Kurt Cobain

Cause of death: Suicide
Last Meal: - Cans of root beer

Neon Vanitas

Behind the understanding of death are all the moral values of existence. Thus, with the appearance of materialist thought which, it is said, is located towards the Renaissance period, spiritual values fall into oblivion, death is evaded, feared, and superstition is born. Ephemeral pleasures, being more tangible, predominate. It is not surprising to see that crime, suicide, addictions and all such problems are on the rise.

What our world needs is to be educated in true knowledge: “The great problem of humanity is ignorance at all levels” (Dalai Lama).

Memento homo, quia pulvis es et in pulverem reverteris."

The Story Behind

“I always been fascinated by food, since childhood it played a key role in my life. Many great memories are linked to plates consumended on certain special occasions, with relatives and friends.

I will never forget the joy I felt as a child, when with my parents every time for my birthday we went to a self-service restaurant, where I ordered everything I wanted and at the end of the meal, I always chose the cake with double layer of chocolate and cream, garnished with chentily and sugar flowers.

Or the taste of shelled almonds that my grandmother used to gave me when I went to visit her, the unmistakable taste, as much as the stale smell that could be felt through the bag, due to the sideboard of the house where she use to keep them. Memories of past moments gone for a long time now, but that are imprinted in my mind and on my taste buds.”