Power and Food

World's Leaders and their bizarre Eating Habits

“We are what we eat,” said the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach. A principle that certainly also applies to the powerful of the earth: how much of their personality can you guess from what they put in their dish?

“Power and Food” try to responds to this question in a light-hearted and irreverent way, .

"We are what we eat" -Ludwig Feuerbach-

Pope Francis/Pizza and Holy Spirit

Pope Francis - Pizza and Holy Spirit

During a recent interview Pope Francis said he didn’t dislike being Pope at all, but what he really missed was his freedom. “The only thing I’d like to do is to be able to go out one day without anyone recognizing me and go get a pizza” he said, laughing. After this "holy revelation", Francis received a delicious surprise from an Italian pizzeria - a handcrafted pizza in the Vatican’s colors delivered straight to his pope-mobile.

Kim Jong-Un - Emmental and French Cheese

In the 2014 North Korea confirmed that its young dictator, Kim Jong-Un 'suffered discomfort' after addiction to Swiss cheese. The North Korean leader got a taste for Swiss cheese while was a student in Switzerland and understood to love it so much (along with French cheese) that he imports vast quantities, despite Western sanctions.

Donald J. Trump - Fast Food

Very little about Donald Trump is agreeable, the reality star-turned-american president is notoriously a fan of McDonald’s. In fact, during his campaign has eaten at McDonald’s more than any other restaurant besides Trump Grill. If you are what you eat, then Donald Trump is [...]

Hillary Clinton - Hot Peppers and Tabasco Sauce

Angela Merkel - Green Cabbage and Sausage

Angela Merkel likes to cook. In 2001 she was even elected 'Cabbage Queen' by the tradition-conscious in the city of Oldenburg, near Hamburg, and has said that her favourite dish is Mettwurst with green cabbage.

Queen Elizabeth II - Chocolate and Tea

Queen Elizabeth knows what she likes. She only wears one nail polish shade, always carries the same purse, and famously adores a particular dog breed. So it's no surprise that she's also a stickler when it comes to the royal menu. She absolutely loves chocolate, especially chocolate biscuit cake, chocolate mousse, and chocolate ganache sponge cake, all washed down with tea.

Vladimir Putin - Pistachio ice-cream

The Russian prime minister has stayed pretty quiet about his culinary dishes of choice, but reportedly loves pistachio ice-cream, despite Russia’s freezing temperatures. Recently he brought a whole box of ice cream for his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping as they met on the sidelines of the G20 summit in September 2016. A rather chilly gift.

Marie Antoniette - Croissant and Sweets

Fifteen-year-old Marie Antoinette traveled to Versailles, to marry the future king of France Louis XVI, in the 1770. The Austrian princess become homesick in Versailles and requested to the royal bakers to recreate her favorite Viennese pastry. There, the Kipfel became known as croissant (crescent in French) and today we can all enjoy their royal flavour.